MOVE Guides commits to partnership with Help Refugees, launching Mobility4All

We are so delighted to announce that we are partnering with MOVE Guides this year. MOVE Guides, which helps companies move their employees around the world, have generously offered to contribute 1 percent of all their revenue to us in a new corporate responsibility program.

We are so grateful to MOVE guides for their support and commitment. Now more than ever is the time for collaboration across different sectors. MOVE Guides is taking action where many governments and international organisations are turning a blind eye. We are so looking forward to seeing the change this partnership will bring to the lives of those who have been forced to flee their homes.

One example of how MOVE guides will help us this year is with a new supported housing program we are launching for refugee families in Athens and Thessaloniki who claiming asylum in Greece, which will facilitate their independence, and their contribution to Greek society – so important to helping them to rebuild their lives.

There are around 66,000 refugees in Greece and the vast majority of them have no permanent accommodation. In a programme designed by ourselves, in collaboration with one of our partners RefuAid, families who join will be housed in an apartment. The rent and bills will be fully covered for the first two years. In the third year of residence, the family would pay 25% of the bills; in the 4th, 50%; in the 5th, 75%, and would ultimately live independent from all external support. Contingency plans and budget will also be in place should anything go wrong, and the residents will be supported by an external community centre.

MOVE Guides’ Mobility4All program will be supporting refugees in three ways:

●       Help on the ground – Through a partnership with Help Refugees, MOVE Guides will contribute direct funds to food, shelter and resettlement support to refugees in Greece. Greece is at the forefront of the refugee crisis. In 2016, more than 173,000 refugees entered Greece.

●       Build products – Throughout 2017, the company will contribute engineering resources and host hackathons to expand MOVE Guides’ global mobility products for companies to products to support refugee resettlement.

●       Raise awareness and funds – MOVE Guides will host a series of educational and fundraising events in Silicon Valley and London to raise awareness and funds for projects on the ground with Help Refugees. Events will range from MOVE Guides bake sales to matching grants from partners.

The CEO of MOVE Guides, Brynne Kennedy visited the Calais camp in November 2016. Kennedy observed that “the refugee crisis is one of the greatest humanitarian disasters of our time. At MOVE Guides, we believe that global mobility and immigration are forces for good. We will continue to support ways to make it easier for all types of people to move around the world, regardless of the political climate we face.”

Once more we would like to thank MOVE Guides for their generous support. If your company would like to speak to us about supporting refugees please email us at


A little more info about MOVE Guides

MOVE Guides helps HR teams move their employees around the world – for any reason, any policy and any location. MOVE Guides partners with leading multinational companies to deliver a full global mobility program across 200 countries with their Talent Mobility Cloud platform, concierge-level support for employees and a global supply chain of partners.

MOVE Guides has offices in the Americas, EMEA and APAC, and is backed by New Enterprise Associates and Notion Capital. For more information, go to: and follow MOVE Guides on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.




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So we have protested… but what now?

Over the past few days we have seen hundreds of thousands of you take to the streets to protest the US executive orders to suspend the refugee resettlement programme for 120 days and to put an indefinite ban on Syrian refugees. We thank you for standing in solidarity with those targeted by these decisive decisions with us.

The most important thing for us to do now is keep the momentum going, before discriminatory rhetoric and actions become normalised.

Here’s what you can do: 

The effects of the planned cuts of the new US administration to humanitarian aid will be felt all over the globe. The dependence on the grassroots movement to fill in the gaps will be larger than ever, we need you to help us with our emergency appeal  which we have launched in response to the planned US cuts.


Donate, hold a fundraiser, volunteer or tell your friends about us. Our services and those of the groups we fund, are essential. We know we will be needed more than ever over the coming months continuing to provide food, medical care, shelter, warm clothing, education, and so much more.


  1. Keep using your voice:write blog posts, articles, social media posts or find your local contact details for either your MP or Senator and write a letter. No matter how small your audience, you are sending a message of compassion and empathy. Kindness is contagious, so start spreading the word – we can all #ChooseLove
  2. Have conversations. Talk to people outside of your own friendship and social media circles. Try to understand other peoples perspectives and engage with them calmly. Conversation is our greatest tool against discrimination. Many of us will be affected, or know someone affected, by these orders and sharing these experiences brings us together.
  3. Non-Violent Direct Action– This is often the best way to get media attention and make connections with others around the world. The ‘Make Bridges Not Walls’ campaign was fantastic, shared all over social media platforms. Think about the impact that the Civil Rights movement had in the 1950 and 60s. Create a local group and come up with your ideas of action you can take.
  4. Help us spread the message of #ChooseLove. You can get your Choose Love t-shirt here (designed by Katharine Hamnett) and post a photo of you in it online with a message of solidarity

Choose compassion over hate. Choose action over apathy. Choose Love.

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