Join our call to protect one million children in Idlib.

Write to your MP to demand that they do everything they can to protect those trapped in Idlib. 

We are pioneers in a new movement in
humanitarian aid: fast, flexible, and transparent.

Help Refugees goes where the need is greatest. We fill the gaps and act where others won’t. Sometimes that means Search & Rescue boats. Sometimes it means providing food or safe, secure long-term housing. Since 2015, we’ve supported over 80 incredible projects and helped almost 1 million people.

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Refugees: The truth

Separate fact from fiction with our top ten stats on refugees and displaced people.  Get to know

A Mile in My Shoes

Walk a mile in the shoes of London’s refugees for Refugee Week. More

You don’t need permission to make a difference

Whether you can fundraise, donate funds, protest or volunteer abroad or at home, we need you! This is a movement of everyday people just like you, so take action today and get involved!

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