From a hashtag to a global movement

We are a refugee charity with minimal overheads and maximum impact. No highly-paid executives. No big fundraising budgets. In just three years, we’ve grown from a social media campaign into a global movement that has helped three quarters of a million people.


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Help Refugees is not simply another aid organisation. We’re a group of everyday people, taking joint action to improve lives of refugees. In less than two years, we’ve become the biggest facilitator of grassroots aid on the continent, with more than 80 projects across Europe and the Middle East.

You don’t need permission to make a difference

Whether you can fundraise, donate funds, protest or volunteer abroad or at home, we need you! This is a movement of everyday people just like you, so take action today and get involved!

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We report from the frontline of the refugee crisis in Calais, Greece, Italy and beyond.

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